In-ground Poles
White Banner Pole 18'x1.5" $145.00

Flagpole White - Sectional

Flagpole White - Sectional

18'x1.5" c/w Accessories (Standard/Heavy)

22'x1.5" c/w Accessories



Flagpole Aluminum - Sectional 20'x2" c/w Accessories $159.00

Flagpole Aluminum

Flagpole Aluminum

Flagpole Aluminum

20'x3" Telescoping (New)

25'x3" Telescoping (New)

22' x 3" Cone Tapered with Internal Halyard and Fixed Base (New)




Flagpole Kits
Flagpole Kit 3' c/w 18"x36" Canada Flag $39.50

Telescoping Flagpole Kit

Telescoping Flagpole Kit

6' c/w 27"x54" Canada Flag

6' c/w 36"x60" Message Flag



Aluminum Poles
Flagpole 3'x3/4" Aluminum with Acorn Top $14.50
Flagpole 8'x1" Aluminum - 2 sections - with Acorn Top $27.95
Flagpole 8'x1.5" Aluminum $64.95
Flagpole 10'x1.5" Aluminum $79.95
Flagpole 12'x1.5" Aluminum $89.95
Telescoping Poles

6'x1" Telescoping Aluminum with Bracket

Flagpole 8'x1" Telescoping Aluminum $34.95

Wood Poles
Flagpole  8'x1.25" Wood Finish $65.95

Pole top and base sold separately