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Banner Year for Flag Flyer

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Peter Kautsky wears his on a flag pole 12 metres high. And today, he's telling you he's no grinch.

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Canadians Flocking To Buy Flags

As usual, one of Peter Kautsky's busiest times of the year were the weeks leading up to the country's birthday, as customers flocked to purchase Canadian flags from his Kitchener business, Hometex Flags and Banners Corp. Sales are "always increasing" and this year he's sold "at least 150 to 200.

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Flag-a-day Habit A Treat For Drivers

I, too, fit into this circus of drivers. I am the person who sits grimly at the wheel, trying to remember where I keep leaving my very overdue library books which, upon their return to the library, will allow me to graduate. Of course, I never will admit my driving stress is self-inflicted. Instead, I like to think that Mario Andretti would appreciated my early morning daredevil driving antics.

The Record Lifestyles
Saturday, March 23, 1996

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He's the Flag Man

Around town, Peter Kautsky is often called the Flag Man. And even though the modest Kitchener entrepreneur, and father of two, says he finds the name a bit embarrassing, he smiles when he hears it nonetheless. Almost everyone in Kitchener-Waterloo is familiar with his work.

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Honouring the Fallen

Waterloo Region's flag-man, Peter Kautsky, is flying an American flag at half-staff at his Kitchener home until Wednesday, in an expression of sympathy and support for the Americans who are mourning the loss of the seven astronauts killed in the space shuttle Columbia accident Saturday

The Record
Monday, Febuary 3, 2003

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